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Matt Uncovered

Disc 1

  1. I Hear Music
  2. Strange Lady In Town
  3. I Suddenly
  4. It's Only A Paper Moon
  5. Everything I Have Is Yours
  6. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
  7. My Funny Valentine
  8. I've Got The World On A String
  9. Birth Of The Blues
  10. Amor Amor Amor
  11. The Nearness Of You
  12. You're Sensational
  13. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking
  14. I'll Be Around
  15. I’ve Got My Eyes On You
  16. Chattanooga Choo Choo 
  17. In Time
  18. What Makes The Sunset
  19. The Clouds Will Soon Roll By
  20. Old Devil Moon
  21. It Can’t Be Wrong
  22. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  23. You Make Me Feel So Young
  24. The Heart Of A Man
  25. I Know
  26. Twixt Twelve and Twenty
  27. These Things Happen (New transfer 2013 Remaster)
  28. Fare The Well My Pretty Maid
  29. During One Night (2013 Remaster)
  30. Easier Said Than Done
  31. No One Will Ever Know (1st Version)
  32. Everything is Nothing Without You (2013 Remaster)
  33. There Are No Words For Love (1st Version)
  34. The Wrong Time (It’s Alright With Me) (2013 Remaster)

Disc 2

  1. Floral Dance (2013 Remaster)
  2. Sitting On Top Of The World (2013 Remaster)
  3. Mirage (Alan Clare) (2013 Remaster)
  4. Love Is The Same Anywhere (Alt Version) (Donald Phillips)EMI Music Publishing Ltd
  5. Is There Anything I Can Do?
  6. When Love Comes Along (Alternate Take) (First Time stereo issue and 2013 Remaster)
  7. By The Way
  8. (Won’t You Come Home) Bill Bailey
  9. A Few Tender Words
  10. I’ve Got Love
  11. Once In Every Long And Lonely While (Early Version)
  12. Walk Into The Dawn(2013 Remaster)
  13. I Love You Too (Alternate Take) (2013 Remaster)
  14. All My Loving (Early Version)
  15. Ten Out Of Ten (Unedited)
  16. Choose (Unedited
  17. Beautiful Beautiful (Unedited)
  18. Let’s Find An Island
  19. Strike Up The Band (New transfer from newly discovered tapes - 2013 Remaster)
  20. Let Me Choose Life (2013 Remaster)
  21. Time To Go
  22. Oh My Child
  23. Only Friends (2013 Remaster)
  24. Love Story
  25. Didn’t We (Early Version)
  26. How Can I Live Without Your Love
  27. It’s That Time Again (2013 Remaster)
  28. I’ve So Much To Be Thankful For (2013 Remaster)

 Disc 3

  1. How Could I Ever Leave You
  2. So Little Time
  3. One Last Try
  4. For The Touch Of Your Love (2013 Remaster)
  5. Alone Am I (2013 Remaster)
  6. You Came Along (From Out Of Nowhere)
  7. I Apologise
  8. The Folks Who Live On The Hill (
  9. Your Driving Me Crazy/The Song Is You
  10. You’ll Never Know
  11. What Is This Thing Called Love
  12. Day By Day
  13. Younger Than Springtime
  14. Breezing Along With The Breeze (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  15. All Of You (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  16. Blue Moon (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  17. Makin Whoopee (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  18. Row Row Row (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  19. Day In Day Out (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  20. Till ((New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  21. In The Still Of The Night (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  22. Taking A Chance On Love (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  23. Lulu’s Back In Town (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  24. Lazy River ((New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  25. Birth Of The Blues (New transfer from new source – 2013 Remaster)
  26. New York New York (2013 Remaster)
  27. Bound For Texas (2013 Remaster)
  28. Newport Cigarettes
  29. Teem
  30. Babycham  (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  31. Macleans Toothpaste
  32. Mackintosh’s Weekend
  33. Pop Gear (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  34. Let The Train Take The Strain (New Transfer and 2013 Remaster)
  35. Zal (1970’s version)
  36. Kenny Everett sketch (featuring We're Gonna Change the World)

Tracks 14 - 23 contain some previously extra material

Notes include full recording details.


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