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Matt Monro - The Singer's Singer

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Audio CD Box Set – 5th November 2001
Label E.M.I
Discs 4
ASIN No B00005OB0C
Catalogue No. 5358142

The term “Singer’s Singer” can imply that a performer’s status within the industry is greater than his status among the public. And up until this box set was released a few years ago, that nickname seemed regrettably appropriate. Ironically, though, the very release of such an important product showed that Matt Monro, though always a singer’s singer in the best sense, was suddenly the world’s singer too. No performer gets this kind of attention from a major record company without an expectation of commercial success.

To fans like me who had spent years hoping for some kind of posthumous breakthrough, a catalyst that promised a tangible legacy for all time, this box set was it. When Matt’s daughter Michele decided to undertake the project, she established herself as the leader of a new parade into the world of immortality. Having reached a point in her life when she was ready to take on the role of mythmaker, Michele dove right in, and the results have been utterly astounding.

Thank her for this box set and book, for the discovery and release of lost recordings and film footage, for a No. 1 concert DVD, for a Top 10 commemorative album, for a biographical documentary, for much of the success of her brother’s concert tour, for Matt Monro merchandise, and, of course, for this Web site. All of it in just a few short years.

The “Singer’s Singer” box set includes four CDs as well as a book that is substantial enough to have been released on its own. Here you have all of Matt’s hits along with many fan favorites and several unreleased recordings. There are 100 tracks in all, which must approach a fifth of his total career output. Most fans probably played CD 4 first, with its many unreleased tracks and unexpected gems. Here we find broadcast-quality recordings of several of Matt’s commercials, an extended version of Eurovision contender “I’ve Got The Moon On My Side,” and oddities like “Be My Lady,” which was recorded in the Philippines and whose arrangement is one of Asia’s most popular Matt Monro karaoke tracks.

This set will always be special to me, not just for its impeccable song list, but also because its release burst into a phenomenon that has left me slack-jawed ever since.

Written by: David Durrett,Jacksonville, Florida


Exclusive: Marks & Spencer CD
Released: 7th January 2006
Label: EMI Gold



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