Joining the Forum

As well as promoting my late father’s legacy; this website is an important way of keeping in touch with each other and keeping you abreast of any updates but most importantly the Forum is our heartbeat; the pulse of our network and it has enabled so many of us to come together. I know it means a great deal to many of you. For those who have promised to pop in and visit, now is that time. It takes three minutes to join the forum.

Go to

On the right hand side you will see a button marked ‘Member’s Lounge’. Don’t click on it but hold the cursor over it and it will reveal several subheadings.

Click on ‘Message Board’

At the very top of the page under the there are several headers in blue font.

Click on ‘Register

Click on ‘I agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years old’
A form will come up – you only need to fill in a ‘username’, an email address and a password, confirm the password again and write the confirmation code exactly as you see it in the box provided. (Please remember passwords are case sensitive – it will remember what you wrote so if you used a capitol letter, that is how you have to write it in future – the best thing is to use lower case letters throughout)

That’s it – the request will be sent to the office – they will write to the email provided to check you are who you say you are (we are very proud that the site has no undesirables on it or unsolicited material)

You will then receive an email saying you are a member.

Your details will not be given out or passed on to anyone.

Membership is free - Enjoy

The next time you visit the forum you just click on the ‘Log In’ button at the top of the page, enter the user name and password you initially gave and you are away. You can just join in a conversation or start one yourself. I know many of you feel that you are not computer literate and the challenge seems daunting but I promise you it takes but a few minutes to start and give hours and hours of pleasure in the long run. I look forward to welcoming you.