The Man with the Golden Voice


Greenbay Media Ltd first approached the family about the possibility of making a programme on Matt Monro last year.  Our feelings were quite mixed.  It had been twenty years since dad had passed and we were very excited about having something properly done and aired to the public.  Even though material was thin on the ground we felt that there was still a good story to be told. 

The trouble with the request was that we had already started a project with Odeon Entertainment about making a documentary of dad’s life, this to be mixed together with interviews from family and friends.  The contract had previously been signed and “A Portrait of Matt Monro” already had a release date set.

We had many discussions with Greenbay’s Producer, Louis Heaton, I stressed how important it was that if this was to go ahead, that the two life stories would have to be quite different from each other.  We felt that it should be made in such a way that if one were to watch both programmes, they would be equally enjoyable.  This was to be one of six episodes for a BBC series called “Legends”, ours to be titled “The Man with the Golden Voice”

Under the direction of Louis Heaton for Greenbay Media the programme was to be a celebration of the music and career of the late singer.

It first aired on BBC4 on 21st October 2005 with Neil Pearson telling the story of a young Londoner born Terry Parsons who became known as Matt Monro, one of the world’s most popular and sophisticated ballad singers.  Contributors include, Paul Gambaccini, George Martin, Don Black, John Barry and a host of other guests including the family.  David Jackson and Phil George, the Executive Producers have made a great programme and tells a side of Matt’s story that few might know.

The amount of times it has already been aired is evidence of the success of the programme.  In fact the programme proved to be so popular that the BBC decided to air it on terrestrial television’s BBC2 on 12th June 2006.


We were very excited on hearing it would be seen on BBC2 but then we heard it would play against The World Cup.  Even with this setback
 “The Man with the Golden Voice” gained 1.8 million viewers and came 17th in “BBC2’s Top 30” shows for that week. FABULOUS.

I was also stunned to learn that BBC4 had shown the documentary again on 26th August.  It is wonderful that it keeps airing as it enables so many people to see this great programme.  Long may it continue.