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February 2010

Well Happy New Year to one and all. I hope it started well although I have to say I had broken all my resolutions within ten minutes!

As you might remember I had to cancel my Irish dates, which was really disappointing but we managed to reschedule The Helix for 29th January as roughly 50% of the booking were retained for the new date. Having set that up the cold freeze hit and with no one knowing how long it would last, the Irish promoter thought it best to re-schedule much later in the year. It was just as well as I hadn’t realised at the time that it was the same day as my sister’s book release.

It was really nice seeing so many familiar faces at Ronnie Scotts last week. I had no idea I was singing at the book launch until Michele sprang the news a week or so before. I actually didn’t mind doing it for her as it gave me a chance to debut my new single ‘It Had Better Be Tonight’. I got to the venue several hours before everyone else to do a sound check with Colin Keyes. I was really dismayed that the sound system in that upstairs room was abysmal. I only hope it didn’t affect your enjoyment of the evening. It was kinda nice getting in front of an audience again as I haven’t gigged since the Craig Y Nos Castle in December.

In the last update in December I was telling you about how Colin was suddenly rushed to hospital with problems. As the surgical team led him into theatre they had calculated keyhole surgery, which would take about an hour but unfortunately there were complications and they ended up cutting him open and poor Pudding (as Colin’s wife is affectionately known) spent the next four hours anxiously pacing the waiting room. The surgery was a perfect success although understandably he had to take six weeks out of work. I cannot tell you how lonely I felt up on that huge stage in December. Knowing that Colin wasn’t there with me was a horrible feeling and one I fervently hope won’t be repeated. From a selfish point of view I am incredibly lucky that it was my last show of the year because if it had happened in the middle of the British concert tour – well it doesn’t bear thinking about. I was delighted that he could be at the book launch with me – and I think he looks better than ever. He did ask me to thank you all for your lovely get-well wishes.

I was chuffed for Michele and the success that came from the evening. She is not used to being in the limelight and having spent so many years on this project I know she is totally passionate about it and I hope it is a roaring success. I have to say she was very protective over the manuscript and the only person who was actually allowed to read the book before it went to print was the publisher so I am looking forward to reading the book myself. At over 600 pages it is definitely a meaty read but it will always come in handy as a doorstop if I need one (God she’ll kill me for that).

I had signed a deal with One media at the end of last year and one of the terms of the contract was that I deliver thirty plus tracks for their website downloads. Because of this I have been mightily busy in the studios the last few weeks and am also taking the opportunity of cutting a new album. More news soon.

I’m off to the Philippines later this month but will update you when I know the exact dates. The one thing that that was very exciting for me was meeting up with two ladies Simmi & Sazsa Silvaz, who some of you met the other night at Ronnie Scotts.  After several lengthy meetings they convinced me it would be better to have my own website that is full of my own content. Although I had one before it was very limited in the news aspect. It has taken several months to design and add everything we wanted including footage from my Filipino concerts and a good array of photographs, it also links up with Facebook and Twitter. I would love it if you had time to check it out at

Because my sister is going to be really busy in the coming months with the book, I have taken the onus off her of ensuring everything gets puts on the site and now when you click through this site, it will take you straight to mine.


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Until next time, enjoy the music