August 2019

Where does the time go? Since being home I have been writing like a demon in the hope of getting the book out this year and then it hit me, it is way too big! The solution is two books. One of which was finished months ago, which is the definitive guide to cruising for independent travelers and disabled cruisers and the second on Norway. I have had to change my time schedule and have printed out the first book to take on the ship with me so I can proof it and put it in the right running order all the while I am continuing trying to finish the book in Norway.

I think my problem is I have been to thorough and Max has explained that whoever wants a copy actually needs to be able to carry it, lol. The thing is I have included everything that I would want in a cruise and port guide. In this day and age while I appreciate the way forward might be digital, a lot of people my age and older don’t use the Internet nor do they want to. You’d have to spend weeks doing research and then print out tons of pages of the information you’d want with you. The danger is that a lot of the sites are out of date, the information obsolete. One poor woman wanted to organize a surprise for her disabled husband and take him to Venice. So far so good. She looked up all the bridge lift times and off they went. The problem was that the bridge lifts had closed several years beforehand and there they were, stuck, unable to get to the various places that she had put on their itinerary. There is no one to police these defunct sites and while companies are eager to place pages on the web, they don’t revisit certain pages and delete or update them. If you look carefully some sites have the date of the article but others don’t so you have to be careful. You need to get confirmation from several different sites for you to have a good idea that it is as it says it is.

While that was going on, I was trying to sort out the problem with my car. Whatever the previous garages had said it wasn’t behaving as it should. I had issues with it while driving back from Southampton and so it had to go back to Kia, who acknowledge there is a problem but they can’t find it. It seems to be fine of the small roads but misbehaves on the motorway. With that in mind I have decided to drive down to London the day before I sail, that way if it breaks down again, I have plenty of time to sort it out and still make the ship. I never want to go through that journey again. Apart from being stressed to the hilt and only making the ship with 30 minutes to spare, the car was going from pillar to post in my absence. All told the car was in one garage or another for 7 weeks and they still couldn’t sort it out. I suppose. Like me, it is getting old now but with motorway driving it is slightly worrying. I have had to 10 ½ years and while normally one might consider getting a new car I have only done 12,000 miles in it so it doesn’t make sense, not when I drive so little. The other thing that plays a part is that I actually hate driving now, there is no fun in sitting in traffic jams, or dealing with an idiot in front of you, behind you – well on most of the motorway! Once I stop cruising I will be doing even less mileage so in one way it is cheaper to get rid of the car when it is time and take taxis everywhere. When I am ensconced in “Monro Towers” I quite literally only go out once a week to get groceries or go to the plant nursery. I spend 16 hours a day writing in my office so having anew car is a luxury I don’t need.

While that was going on, I also needed to get the promotion ready for the new album, yes, a brand-new album, which will be coming your way soon. Universal have sworn me to secrecy until next month but the September ‘News” page will be filled with all the exciting details. If any of you are DJs or journalists and want an interview when I get back, then let me know. I am aiming to arrange phoners between 29 October – 7 November so drop me an email and we’ll sort something out.

I’m now getting ready for the second phase of my Celebrity contract and will be off again in a few days. I really did have every intention of travelling lighter BUT the first three cruises are to Iceland and Norway before going to the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands which means I have to take winter clothing and summer. I feel the cold badly so thermals and fleeces are a must but fleeces, onesies and insulated coats take up so much space plus I have five boxes of merchandise to take. Bear in mind I left 4 boxes on the ship as well as one big Chinese laundry bag but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m away just under three months and it is hard trying to calculate how many books I will need. CDs aren’t a big problem as they don’t take up an enormous amount of space but the books do. I think when the new books come with my next season I’ll have to have them delivered straight to the ship as I don’t think my car will like the weight, lol

I’m sorry this is short and sweet but there isn’t much to add at the moment. I’ll be back next month will all the album details but in the meantime enjoy the small droplets of sunshine we in Britain call summer. I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces on the ship in the coming months and if anyone wants to come on the ship either this year or next while I’m on here’s my schedule.

Cruise/ Work Dates 2019

11 August – 25 August - Celebrity Silhouette
25 August – 1 September - Celebrity Silhouette
1 September – 8 September - Celebrity Silhouette
8 September – 22 September - Celebrity Silhouette
22 September – 3 October - Celebrity Silhouette
3 October – 13 October - Celebrity Silhouette
13 October – 24 October - Celebrity Silhouette

Cruise/ Work Dates 2020

6 January – 24 March – Cruise & Maritime
16 May -30 May – Celebrity Silhouette
30 May – 13 June – Celebrity Silhouette
13 June – 27 June – Celebrity Silhouette
4 July – 18 July – Celebrity Silhouette
18 July – 1 August – Celebrity Silhouette
1 August – 15 August – Celebrity Silhouette
15 August – 28 August – Celebrity Silhouette


Don’t forget to check out our Spotlight feature this month, I know so many of you enjoy them. This month we look in on the ever-popular Gladys Knight.

Here’s hoping that your month is an eventful one, for the right reasons, and that the rest of the year brings you joy.

Much love to one and all. See you next month.


Michele xxxx


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