May 2012

Whilst Michele is on her travels – currently crossing the Pacific Ocean on the Sea Princess  and struggling with an intermittent internet connection  - it once again falls to me to bring you this month’s news.

It’s not going to be the longest news bulletin ever to appear on this site; with Michele’s absence things are quite quiet. One interesting development is that discussions have been taking place between Michele and Goalpost films who are interested in making Matt Monro – The Singer’s Singer into a movie. Its early days and I must stress it only discussions at the moment nothing signed & sealed, but some interesting ideas have been put forward so watch this space over the coming months.

Of course the BIG news this month is, after many months of anticipation, the release of the track list for the forthcoming double CD set ‘Matt Uncovered – The Rarer Monro’. First though the bad news. When you’re putting together an album that features material belonging to several companies, it can take a while to get all the copyright clearances and contracts signed and sealed. Unfortunately this is what has happened here and has meant that the release date has had to be changed.  Providing there are no more delays the new release date will be July 2nd at the latest.

The good news is that the recordings have all been mastered, the liner notes written and the artwork designed (although not complete) so we’re all just waiting for the green light from the legal department!

The recordings date from Matt’s earliest professional recording in 1955 through to 1977 and besides songs from the EMI vaults it includes rare material from the BBC, the Monro estate archives, film soundtracks and some newly discovered recordings made for Reditune - the transcription arm of Reduffusion TV and Radio. This all adds up to 67 tracks and more than two and a half hours of music.

Michele wanted the cover of the album to have a similar feel to the Rare Monro but the photograph used on that album was unique and there was nothing to match it in the vaults. So we trawled through thousands of photographs looking for a picture of Matt at work in the studio. The chosen shot features Matt listening to a playback of one of his recordings in a control room at Abbey Road Studios in the 1960’s.

The CD booklet includes full track recording details and background notes to the songs and where they’ve been hiding!

So finally here is the all important track listing:

Matt Uncovered

(Note: Unfinished Artwork)

Matt Uncovered – The Rarer Monro

  1. I Hear Music
  2. Strange Lady In Town
  3. I Suddenly
  4. It's Only A Paper Moon
  5. Everything I Have Is Yours
  6. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
  7. My Funny Valentine
  8. I've Got The World On A String
  9. Birth Of The Blues
  10. Amor Amor Amor
  11. The Nearness Of You
  12. You're Sensational
  13. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking
  14. I'll Be Around
  15. I’ve Got My Eyes On You
  16. Chattanooga Choo Choo 
  17. In Time
  18. What Makes a Sunset
  19. The Clouds Will Soon Roll By
  20. Old Devil Moon
  21. It Can’t Be Wrong
  22. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  23. You Make Me Feel So Young
  24. The Heart Of A Man
  25. I Know         
  26. Twixt Twelve and Twenty
  27. Fare The Well My Pretty Maid
  28. No One Will Ever Know (Piano Version)
  29. Easier Said Than Done
  30. There Are No Words For Love (Piano Version)
  31. Love Is The Same Anywhere (Alternate Arrangement)
  32. Bill Bailey
  33. A Few Tender Words
  34. All My Loving (Early Version)


  1. Once In Every Long And Lonely While (Early Version)
  2. Ten Out Of Ten (Unedited)
  3. Choose (Unedited)
  4. Beautiful Beautiful (Unedited)
  5. Let’s Find An Island
  6. The World I Used To Know
  7. Pretty Polly (Soundtrack Version)
  8. Maria (Spanish)
  9. If You Go
  10. Lovin’ You Again
  11. If You Go Away
  12. Two People (Film Version)
  13. Por Primera Vez (For Once In My Life)
  14. Time To Go
  15. Oh My Child
  16. Didn’t We (Early Version)
  17. How Can I Live Without Your Love
  18. One Last Try
  19. You Came Along From Out Of Nowhere
  20. I Apologise
  21. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
  22. Your Driving Me Crazy/The Song Is You
  23. You’ll Never Know
  24. What Is This Thing Called Love
  25. Day By Day
  26. Younger Than Springtime
  27. Bonus Tracks

  28. Bound For Texas
  29. Newport cigarettes
  30. Teem
  31. Macleans toothpaste
  32. Mackintosh’s Weekend
  33. Zal (1970’s version)
  34. Kenny Everett sketch.

Please note that the disc hasn’t gone into production yet and there may be last minute changes.

More details about the tracks can be found on the ‘CD of the Month’ page.

My usual restoration notes are now posted on my own Mint Audio Restoration site – which includes a few sound clips (including a couple of bits of exclusive studio chat).

Don’t forget to check out Michele’s Travel Blogs on the Forum and her Facebook page.

Michele's remaining itinerary for 2012 is as follows:

Tuesday 1st May:

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Wednesday 2nd May:

At Sea

Thursday 3rd May:

At Sea

Friday 4th May:

At Sea

Saturday 5th May:

At Sea

Sunday 6th May:

At Sea

Monday 7th May:

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Tuesday 8th May:

Maui (Lahaina), USA

Wednesday 9th May:

At Sea

Thursday 10th May:

At Sea

Friday 11th May:

At Sea

Saturday 12th May:

At Sea

Sunday 13th May:

Disembark San Francisco



Monday 14th May:

San Francisco

Tuesday 15th May:

San Francisco

Wednesday 16th May:

Flight to Las Vegas

Thursday 17th May:

Las Vegas

Friday 18th May:

Las Vegas

Saturday 19th May

Las Vegas (Marion Flies Out)

Sunday 20th May:

Las Vegas

Monday 21st May:

Flight to Los Angeles

Monday 21st May – Tuesday 19th June – Los Angeles

Wednesday 20th June:                      Air New Zealand to London
Thursday 21st June:                           Land London Heathrow

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There is also another information box “How to Use the Forum’. I know a lot of people have been tempted to join in on some of our conversations but are slightly nervous of doing so. For that reason I have printed step-by-step instructions of how to access it. It really does only take a few minutes.

All being well, Michele will be back with the news next month

All the best


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