A Personal Tribute from the N.S.C.F.C
National Society for Children & Family Contact

What can I say about Matt Monro that hasn’t already been said before by no less a legend than Frank Sinatra himself?  So may I in my capacity as chairman of the registered charity “National Society for Children and Family Contact” (NSCFC) give recognition to the family man as reflected in the dedication off daughter Michele and son Matt Jnr.

So moved have I been by their ceaseless and dedicated desire to keep their dear fathers memory alive over the years that I have been left in no doubt that the love of a father is so vitally important from infancy onward, reflected as it undoubtedly is by the wonderful people Matt’s children have become in adulthood. As someone who has never known my father I well understand the ramification thereof and am much saddened when I see the ever growing dysfunctional side of our youth today, many of whom have been denied a fathers love. Michele wont mind me for revealing this I’m sure, but I well remember her saying to me on one occasion, how whenever she hears the song Dance with my Father she bursts into tears, this to me is the true essence of paternal love, invaluable and irreplaceable as it most surely is.

Some years ago my dear friend Dene Michael and lead singer of (Black Lace) helped me launch Children Need Fathers motivated as I was by personal experience and the reality that each and every single day 100 children loose contact with their fathers due to acrimonious separations and divorces, to learn soon thereafter that grandparents have no legal presumption to see their beloved grandchildren was a great shock to me especially so given that it was my dear gran who had brought me up, even more alarming was the realization that grandparents in this no contact situation amounted to well over one million here in the UK. Hence having done our homework it became evident that since 1997 well in excess of 300,000 children have lost out on the paternal side of their family and the love and role models they so richly need and deserve to help them avoid becoming dysfunctional and sliding into ant-social behaviour. Thus was born the charity NSCFC and with it our every endeavour to secure parity in family law, the like of which would see full compliance and implementation of the Human Rights Act article 8 i.e. “the right to family life” this for all good people be they estranged parent, grandparent or extended family members but especially for that of the innocent children involved.

My experience as founder and Chairman of the NSCFC has been one filled with mixed emotions, for on the one hand we encounter the daily pain and suffering of those who contact us through our 24/7 helpline or website seeking solace, support and advice, yet on the other hand I have found so much inspiration and inner strength from those who have willingly and without reservation come out in support of the work we do. Michele Monro, Matt Monro Jnr, Dene Michael, Charlie Landsborough, Joe Longthorne, Dave Peterson, After the Fire, to name but a few, indeed without your loving and moral support we would be nothing and as such I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

My every respect and admiration goes to Matt Monro the loving father and singing maestro, may his example, his memory and his great legacy live on in our hearts forever and a day, for therein lay the true and unforgettable “Heart of the Man” himself.

Best Wishes

Mike Ellis