The “Scrapbook” area is waiting for you – “For Your Eyes Only” is an area that is totally dedicated to our members, that’s right I want to see you in all your festive glory.  Another is “Pussy Galore” for all your pet pictures.  Now that some of us have met I think it is time to get more personal – don’t let me down, there is no excuse as it takes a few minutes to upload a picture.  I have plenty of prizes for the best pictures.

 Go to the scrapbook – at the top of the page is a button that says
Upload New photos
Another page opens and asks you to select how many images you want to upload
You can do a maximum of 5 at a time
Push next
Another page opens
There is a space for you to put a title for your photos
Then a box marked file, if you click on choose file it will open the various files on your computer, select the one where your pictures are held (mine is my pictures), continue clicking through “My Pictures” until you see the one you want to upload and select “choose” or whatever your programme says (it might say OK)
Then go to the next box entitled title and repeat the process, there will be exactly the number of spaces for the number of pictures you have selected to upload
Then enter your e-mail address
Then select “next
Another page appears with the photo you have selected and that is that
I then get an e-mail saying that pictures have been uploaded and I can then give the approval for those to be added.  That is just to protect someone uploading nasties